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Lee Citron is an acclaimed director and writer based in Los Angeles who specializes in surreal yet relatable comedy and high-concept narratives. His work showcases a unique blend of character-driven storytelling, science fiction, and playful quirkiness, conveyed through precise visual language and a keen sensitivity to human emotion.

In television, Lee has directed original series for BratTV and created original comedies for TruTV, along with directing promos for MTV. His short form content includes MARTIAN AMERICAN, which garnered numerous accolades including an Emmy Award for Best Comedy in Student Film, and ANDROID LOVE, recognized at festivals such as Newport Beach Film Festival and the ICG Emerging Cinematographer Awards. His film IDIOT BOX secured Best Short Film at the Albuquerque Film Festival and the Film Outside the Frame Awards at the DGA, premiering on PBS.

Citron holds an MFA in Directing from The American Film Institute (AFI) and has honed his craft through studies at UCLA, USC, and Loyola Marymount. Trained in Method Acting at the Sanford Meisner Center and comedy at Groundlings and UCB, he boasts an extensive typewriter collection and admits to being more of a dog person.